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I hear voices inside my head...

Can I believe my whispering friends?

God's Diva
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Some lead, others follow... I simply do it MY WAY.

she paints her dreams in the sky with k o h l
devouring the sun with her heart

death in her pocket ; puncture the air ; deliver the sound
make them fall
down, drown

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jabber [早口のおしゃべり]; v.intr. To talk rapidly, unintelligibly, or idly.

bug [昆虫]; n. v. An insect or similar organism ; A defect or difficulty, as in a system or design ; The minute illness or disease so produced: the __bug is going around ; To trouble the nerves or peace of mind of, especially by repeated vexations (annoy, pester, prey on).

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Raven. Has girly bits but tries not to asign self to a fixed gender role ; adultish going on 10 ; pansexual ; YorkU philosophy major ; liberal by Trudeau definition ; seeks to understand not be understood ; insatiable experimentalist [sprinkle life on me like salt & pepper baby, I love the flavor! XD] ; most comfortable under a canopy of trees ; electric talker ; over thinker ; peper-pot ; opinionated but NOT narrow minded ; not afraid to get hands dirty or laugh at self ; loves God but knows TOLERANCE for all religions/creeds/races ; sensitive to light [20/15 vision] ; walks the nocturnal path... [ MORE ]

According to me ; believing is seeing, natural is beautiful, awareness; that’s intelligence, ignorance; that’s stupidity, evil is manmade, maturity is interdependence it doesn't come with age, happiness = balance, socks go on arms, science and religion CAN co-exist, Hollywood is souless [down with commercialism and Paris hilton], existence precedes essence, pacifism and anarchy have their place, we are conscious ANIMALS, every one else knows something you do not, never trust the majority, pop is the tastiest poison there is, savages are noble, screaming PENIS in the house of commons is great fun, aliens do exist, gambling is the devil, crazy is sane, T.O makes the best hot dogs, ass slapping should be an Olympic sport, Etc.

Tides of imagination
where stray thoughts drop

Poetry in motion
video projects [formerly ~ jabberbug&surfacecut]

Visual frey
graphics & screen caps journal

Flicker of mind
creative writing journal

Wax Lyrical
lyric journal

Book of life
where the past meets the present


Be truth, never flinch.
Stand for a cause!

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I ♥ singing/writing/producing music ; unforgiving mind fucks ; solitude ; meditation ; cherries ; storm watching ; musings that lead from dusk til dawn ; greco-roman philosophy ; playing with fire ; spontanious road trips ; figure skating ; great white sharks ; national park hopping ; hiking/camping ; blood ; Pepsi I vow to poke holes in all Coke cans ; rescuing bugs from drowning ; elephants ; alchemy ; death [smitting it] ; dragons ; astronomy ; purple ; Japan ; Italy ; Germany ; Toronto ; exchanging place with the sun & moon - staying awake for 24hrs ; winter ; Renaissance history ; Korean drama ; gothic fashion ; stalking Mormon Missionaries ; candy apples ; Soccer [I play defence] ; documentaries ; rollercoasters ; Egyptian mythology ; animal activism ; poetry ; eco-anarchy ; clubbing ; S&M ; Toronto Maple Leafs ; falling hard so I can appreciate standing tall & steady ; dreaming big, living bigger ; cutting losses rather than dwelling ; loosing my way just to extend the flight, struggle & emerge ; autumn scented nights ; conversations with kitties ; screaming into the wind ; holding tight and NEVER letting go ; reliving my childhood with children ; FAMILY ; testing ; feeling you breathe ; befriending to absorb new life force & culture ; window train rides ; Calgary Flames ; bottling the wind ; smelling the flowers before seeing them ; rain dancing ; preservation of pain...

.We are our own executioners.

"Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains." - Rousseau, The Social Contract, 1762

"outer space is not 'the final frontier'...inner space is." ; "what other people think of me, is none of my business." ; "my goal is to always come from a place of love ...but sometimes you just have to break it down for a motherfucker" - Ru Paul ♥

"The faces of those who are dying seem so happy, the faces of those being born seem so sad" - Dir en Grey [Embryo single v.]

"Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet." - Plato

"You do not let your eyes see nor your ears hear, and that which is outside your daily life is not of account to you. Do you not think that there are things that you cannot understand, and yet which are; that some people see things which others cannot? ...[W]e see around us everyday the growth of new beliefs, which think themselves new; and which are yet but the old, which pretend to be young - like the fine ladies at the opera." - Van Helsing ~ Bram Stoker's Dracula 191 [this ♥book♥ is beyond LOVE]

"The proposition that [God] does exist obviously cannot be proven, and so we must rely on what we believe to be true. Or feel to be true. Or want to be true. As they say, we must take it on faith. But for some time now my faith has been like a branch of a tree that over the years has been weakend by wind and weather. And today it was as if part of me, that branch, finally gave way and fell to the ground. It's a dreadful barren feeling, but I am powerless to repel it. - Clara Callan 44 ~ Richard B. Wright [bitches it'll propel your thoughts intensively ♥]

"To find everything profound - that is an inconvenient trait. It makes one strain one's eyes all the time, and in the end one finds more than one might have wished." - Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science, section 158

"I should have been more careful. I was blinded by your halo, so I never noticed the horns."

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fade with rays into her arms
where time is a smile and love is a song

god is the sand ; slips through your hands ; see in gold ; touch and expand

♥ People. Alexander The Great [&Hephaestion] ; Socrates ; Pierre Elliot Trudeau ; Martin Luther ; Al Gore ; St Francis of Assisi ; Jean Luc Godard ; Jean Jaques Rousseau ; STEPHEN R. COVEY ; David Suzuki ; Bill Maher ; Michael Moore ; William Cronon ; Deepak Chopra ; Peter Singer ; Neil Postman ; John Muir ; Poe ; Derrik Jensen ; Virginia Woolf ; Tutankhamen ; Edward Said ; Homer ; Malcolm Gladwell ; William Wordsworth ; Jane Austen ; Rachel Carson ; Walter Benjamin ; Colin Farrell ; Jared Leto ; Prince ; Michael Hutchence ; 薫 [Kaoru] & 京 [Kyo] ; The Rat Pack ; Hyde ; Dave Gahan ; Craig Conroy ; Gackt ; Stephen Colbert ; Darren Hayes ; Ville Valo ; Marilyn Monroe ; Asia Argento ; Zipster ; Sho ; Kiefer Sutherland ; Jason Mraz ; Jane Russel ; Kwon Sang Woo ; Agnieszka Chylińska ; Ikuta Toma ; Al Pacino ; Samantha Fox ; Ask a NINJA XD ; Willa Ford ; Paul Newman ; The Brat Pack ; Milla Jovovich ; could be YOU...

♥ Anime & Manga. X/1999 ; Sailor moon ; Banana Fish ; Cantarella ; Saiyuki ; Bleach ; Loveless ; Wolf's Rain ; Fruits Basket ; Love Mode ; Boy Princess ; Chobits ; Meine Liebe Weider ; Shout Out Loud ; Trigun ; Cowboy Bebop ; Death Note ; Wallflower ; Sensual Phrase ; Cross ; Weiß Kreuz ; Hana Kimi ; Hot Gimmick ; Mirage of Blaze ; Gravitation ; Yami no Matsuei...

♥ Tv & Movies. Merlin ; 24 ; Mythbusters ; Xena ; Stair Way To Heaven ; Grey's Anatomy ; PGSM ; Numb3rs ; Star Trek NG ; One Tree Hill ; DC ; Dirty Jobs ; Piolot Guides ; Mad TV ; I <3 Lucy ; Match Game (1970s) ; Bram Stoker's Dracula ; Rocky Horror ; Noises Off ; Murder By Death ; Working Girl ; Somekind of Wonderful ; Amadeus ; The Ghost & Mr Chicken ; K-Pax ; Pride & Prejudice ; League of Their Own ; Auntie Mame ; Conan ; Swing Kids ; Robinhood Men in Tights ; Children Of A Lesser God ; Scrooged ; The Shape of Things ; Clue ; Gentlemen Prefer Blondes ; Pink Panther ; Hud ; My Tutor Friend ; American Beauty ; Stargate ; The Classic ; Gohatto ; Grease ; The Lost Boys ; Stand By Me ; Princess Bride ; Pretty In Pink ; Dog Day Afternoon ; In Love & War ; Pillow Talk ; Fright Night ; NANA ; Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ; Romance of Their Own ; Subspecies ; Stayin Alive ; Brother Sun Sister Moon ; Casshern ; Moonchild ; Waters ; Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure ; Trading Places ; Weird Science ; Ichi the Killer ; Immortal Beloved ; Friday The 13th ; April Fools Day ; Tigerland ; Ran ; House of Flying Daggers ; Heaven's Bookstore...

; Music is my everlasting love, I eat, sleep, breathe, drink and birth it. When inebriated spiritually jazzed I can go so far as to consider it life blood; it nurtures, drives, absolves and exalts. Tempts me to shed my clothes, my reality, pluck a star from the sky to swallow and let burn my wings until a new star dances through the air, carried by a new song; to coax the sprouting of colored wings a new... ha. Woo, crazy fuckin' hippie spasm there, heh, I'm going for a fuckin' Oscar with that one! XD~ In truth I am constantly under the trance of strobes and eighth notes, next to tree hugging; clubbing and concert going are my dooming addiction idea of FUN, you see. One day the surge will puncture me and lay me down on the raven floor to be eviscerated; absorbed and carried to secret pockets of the world under the feet of pop-junkie culture munchers. Yes, THAT'S the GOOD death life! ^^; So be forewarned, my journal is always lathered with music in some way, shape or form, almost to the point of obsession and I will not have it any other way!

♡♪; This is where life begins... GO MAD [to the beat]


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♥ • ♥
the lights went down; at once we were united

☆ ; Up & coming ; ☆

CND MUSIC FEST / 03.10.10 / Tdot
HIM / 03.31.10 / Tdot
30STM / 04.18.10 / Tdot
30STM / 04.24.10 / PHILY
MIYAVI / 06.24.10 / Tdot
D'ESPAIRSRAY / 08.11.10 / Tdot
DIR EN GREY / 08.23.10 / Tdot
DIR EN GREY / 08.27.10 / Baltimore
CITY&COLOUR w/ TEGAN & SARA / 08.28.10 / Tdot
30STM / 09.13.10 / Niagara Falls
VAMPS / 10.09.09 / NYC

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