I hear voices inside my head...

Can I believe my whispering friends?

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Any dream will do...
I am going to tug on your heart strings really hard now. When you are four you should not have to be deprived of outdoor walks because you are too weak to participate, should not have to look at your arms to see they are bruised from needle punctures. You should not be denied a typical child's life of fun and ease and playing with other children your age. When you are the mother of this child you should NOT outlive her...

HELP HARUKA-CHAN. PLEASE. She deserves a future!


For an english explanation-->


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Thank you so much love. <3 I added the site translations that my professor sent me, as long as the cute picture of Haruka-chan that's on the website. ^0^; And also, I added a note: don't bother getting the money changed into Japanese yen o.o; Because (this was so "duh" for me when my professor pointed it out) the family will only have to convert all the money back into US dollars, and think of how much it'll cost to change one million dollars worth of money into, well, dollars. XD! So save them the money by just sending them money orders for US dollars!

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