I hear voices inside my head...

Can I believe my whispering friends?

(Deleted comment)
*bounces around the room drunk on happiness*

awwww... thanx for the positive words hun!!!!! you know i <333 you this much *stretches arms out as far as she can* hehehe but you best wash your mouth out with soap after that comment before you score a first class flight to hell along with me XDDDDDDDDDDDDD;;; don't say too much you'll give other jrockers ideas & damn kyo's too much of a mouthful already lol.... *steals bar of soap back for herself*


damn... LJ is too much fun :D *hugs*

Yay! I was going to say...


get rid of you??? nevvvaaaaa. if you wanted to be gotten rid of i would have begged you to stay... & then tempted you with Yuki ok so maybe just a look alike *has Yuki locked in a padded closet* ;oD hehehe

i couldn't imagine my friends page without your entries... luv you lots babe ^o^


Wow, that banner totally pwns.

You know, don't kill me.


*holds cracker up*

*places the cracker on the chair*

*sits on it*

NOW I'm on the cracker!XDD

I love that banner!!!:D

bahahaahhaahaha *out of breath* that made me howl with laughter XDDD but now i have to go buy another box of crackers to feed kyopolly with x__X;;

DAMNIT, your butt is for chairs not crackers!! And Kyo's... well his belongs to Toshiyameeeeeeeh! *leaves a trail of cracker crumbs leading to the bed for Kyo to follow* ^__~ hehehe

I miss reading your posts. Where are you ? I hope you're doing ok.

Aww thanx, you are one of the reasons i missed LJ the most while i was gone... :(

Lately i've just been so geared to trying to organize my life, and it's been hard for me to find time to fit everything in. Since i started university, I convinced myself that school should be first priority so for the last few months I have given my all in that area but I'm realizing now that other areas of my life suffered because of this... X.x;; I feel a bit ridiculous knowing i've been inactive on LJ for so long :( I mean, I want a career so yes I have to study but the books I study aren’t there for me when I need them, and they can’t comment and give advice like my friends can they? So from now on, to get the benefit of both school and LJ I'm going to have to manage myself better... right?!

Weeeeee operation "get back on track" commences *copyrights* LOL *is a dork* hehehe

Gah, I thought I asked you to add my new journal o_X;;;

You have been added! Now add ME... uh... fo shizzle??

... yes.

ack, you probably did ask me too... but i've been so outa-wack lately i dunno whats goin on half the time... :S *doh* i deserve a smack in the head... just mind the bling yo lol

weee added fo shizzle, dizzle and izzle *tips her hommie hat* GHETTO STANCE Y'ALL!! teehee

!!! i knew you'd have a livejournal
its me! christina lol
the vampire lover from ARW :p
thought i might add you
you seem like a really fun and cool person.
hard to find people like that at our school :p
anyways look forewrd to our presentation! im sooo excited haha im a dork

I've been discovered?? *le gasp* And by a fellow Senecaterian no less... should I join the witness protection program? Cuz I don't want you reading my posts & telling our class how warped I really am!! hehehe Just kiddin :D

I know you've seen how I dance to the tune of bizarreness in real life, so guess I can skip the whole speech where I yammer on bout how getting to know me means you are braver than you think, eh? XD

*adds you back* Woot... now I have someone who will understand my school related rants... weee lets be bitch buddies *shakes fist at Seneca profs*

Oh sweet God, with our vampy obsessions combined damn right we are gonna kick major ARW ass... I can't wait! *breaks out the champaign in celebration*

And I look forward to next class cuz I'll get to strut my fun and cool stuff haha Seriously, thanx for the compliments~~ likewise! ^^

Hellooo. Just to get things straight, no, I am NOT that suspicious person in black outside your house with that binoculars.

Okaay, now THAT'S out of the way, hi, I'm just another fan of those Hyde & Ken ~ Matthew’s Best Hit TV clips you uploaded on youtube :D AND! I was just wondering where you got them? Or, or, if you could upload them via YSI or sth? cause youtube doesn't let us save stuff and ZOMG I want to keep those clips on my computer XD and the bowlingball!hyde one XD

So, yeah, any help would be appreciated, and THANKYOU for uploading those utterly hilarious clips XD I was just giggling to myself like some crazed lunatic while watching them o__o

You might not be the suspicious person in black outside my house with binoculars - who has interesting taste in activities I might add & reminds me of my last boyfriend - but I am the coke abusing fool who is now stalking that lovely specimen in your icon... ;) You'll have to excuse me, banana loving men just do something to me XD;;

Sure I can send you the Matthew's Best Hit show... but as long as you promise to avoid injuring yourself while laughing, I've never been blamed for killing someone with laughter thus far & I don't wish to start today teehee I seriously always watch it with a helmet on lol

I shall post the link when it’s done okay??

P.s Sorry for responding so late... lately I’ve been so attached to youtubeengrossed in my studies I’ve been a bad little LJ deserter heh heh

Ohooo or Hello I could say :o
Can I add you? It´s gooood to meet other hyper Diru fans *not in the insane way or anything*
Well, I DO like the one & one fanvid with Kyo you uploaded on Youtube.. Yeah, erhm, and that´s how I got here XD
Sooo, well, hey there

*bonks head against screen*

another diru and youtube lover is a definite good addition... i really need another diru gabbing buddy ;D *adds you*

sorry about my late reply *sweatdrop* its not that i wasn't enthusiastic i just have a habit of being a lazy assbeing overwhelmed by 1000 things, i'm a busy gal! :S it honestly takes me so long to clear the mountains of homework - & lifes' other assorted crapassness - everyday to reach freedom hehe a scholar is a prisoner i tell you so yeah when you add me beware of my "DIESCHOOLDIE" tantrums! ^o~

anyway i must admit, i've kinda been on an extended hiatus but having a new friend would give me reason to come back :D so yay! time to get LJitizied XD & i'm not always this geeky... its just when i am sober... and without cookies... or erm... forget you read that *joins in on the head bonking* lol

Wee XD *walks into room, bounces off walls, bows and walks out*

HYde fan video > YouTube > Livejournal.
We share common interests, and you seem cool.

btw, did you make the sensual phrase banner?
Cuz i like it- very indeed so much.

Weee XD ok im gonna go now. i've made sufficiently of a dork out of myself.

Ho’shit you must teach me how you went from bouncing off the wall and into a bow without killing yourself!!! XD Its a Drunken Master technique isn't it?? ^__~

Sharing common interests is a plus!! We can constantly remind each other of what kick-ass taste we have hehehe

Yep the Sensual Phrase banner and layout is all my doing... I can't get enough of the SP mangaand all the hardcore wet n’ wild sex it promotes. Sakuya & Aine is probably my favorite pairing next to Kyou & Tohru of Fruits Basket so why not pimp em? hehe Gah that reminds me I’ve had my computer on for 2 days now trying to download a damn torrent for the Sensual Phrase anime… if I don’t see it soon I WILL KILLor be forced to do my own smutty live action of the show XD Have you seen the anime? If so, wanna spoil it for me? ;)

Wee dorks united... I'm so gonna add you XD

Hello. My name's Denise. I was going through some youtube.com videos and I found your Numa Numa Diru video. Needless to say I had quite a laugh. I also find it interesting that you happen to like Fruits Basket AND you live in Ontario, Canada. Seems we've got a lot in common. I figure I'd add you to livejournal, since you seem pretty cool. Add me back if you wish.

haha youtube has turned out to be quite the device to attract friends ;) I'm glad you like my video, I think it shows the lighter side of Diru... well as light as they can get anyway... those damn boys need to smile more *bonks them on the head*

Yep I can't hide it I am a Fruits lover and a fated Canadian fool teehee What part of Ontario are you at??

And sweet lord on a poppy seed bun... you really have your share of friends ne? ...124... woooweee... I'd love to be added to that list! So yes please add away and join the insanity as will I XD

I found you on youtube.com ^_^ I lke the fanvids

wet hot and sloppy kisses to you bitch for giving me an idea for my lj name! oh yeah and for the quickie. ha.

and you know i love you... while i am hating you!

I sign in & you sign off...

Don't thank me thank Kyo's anger and everyone who contributes to itwhich includes those who have denied him a baby to munch on XD

And for future reference regarding those quickies, consider working on your dismount hun ^o~

Love to hate you too!!!

HEY...I thought I was your quickie queen...XP I guess I'll have to prove it to you on our next booty smack...or else you get no more shower peekage...XD

Looks like you've got some loyal followers my dear. Just make sure they know who has first dibs in this little hiarchy...^_~ I'm the Queen to your....um...Prince...XD

*huggle**snuggle**humpage* Luv ya *smooch*

xD hii~ shiz here. i figured that i'd add you cuz you're cool and dude we met![!!11] x3 sorry i didn't get to see you guys after the concert T____T/! but it was nice meeting you and i hope we can be eljay friends ^_____^ waiii~

*waves* YAY!!! Awwwww, well it was good to be met XD I always see you around LJ too, I was contemplating on whether I should poke you until you add me but you've saved me the trouble ;)

A bunch of us thought we were so cool, we decided to hang around a tree outside Avalon after the concert :D We were like YEAH DIS HERE IS OUR DIRU TREE, ALL OTHERS SHALL NOT SIT BY THE MIGHTY BIRCH XD Too bad you didn't join in but rest assured that we'll save a place for you next concert hehehe Honestly though, good to know you made it home safe!!! ^^ *adds*

Oioi! This is Holly from the line-- part of the EXILED KINGDOM in the Diru waiting line. I had the blackish and red hair--obscure goggles and a hoodie I was freezing my ass off in. I hope you remember me! Adding you to my friendslist if thats cool. I totally enjoyed meeting you.

i was with holly! you shared your blanket with us and in return i did my best kyo impression. add me, because i added you~! ♥

Hey! XD Sorry, I don't check my messages on Youtube often. X_X But I'm adding you now! X333 And yes, I am obsessed with 京 too. XD But not in a "ZOMGZ I WANNA MARRY HIM" way. ~_~ Not that there's a thing wrong with that. XD I just really respect him and his craft.

Yay, glad to add another to the bunch ^_^

I can’t lie, most of what Kyo does truly appeals to me and I'd love to throw him in my closet and work on every chapter of kamasutra with him but no doubt it would be more exciting to sit down with him and discuss his craft lol Good to know we are on the same page ;) haha

Besides I already know he is married to his little battery operated lover named Waru so he couldn't possibly belong to anyone, much less me *cough*

uhh...hi!! i just had a quick question...

You're the one who made the Kyo One and One fanvid aren't you? Well, that is like one of my all time favorite Kyo fvs...and i was just wondering if there was some way that i could get it from you? If that is at all possible i would REALLY appreciate it!

*talks dirty to your icon*

I made someone's all time favorite fanvid list? *beams* XD

I'm REALLY glad people are reacting positively to my video and to think I just made it on a whim actually it's purpose is to brainwash people into the Kyo fandom... I'm such a Spielberg, oh yes... ;) hehe

Behold the Kyoness -->

Enjoy ^^

Hello! I was casually watching Diru fanvid's and then it dawned on me: you were the one who made the Numa Numa fanvideo. I love that thing, it has caused plenty of belly pains because of how absolutely HILARIOUS it was. Since I love it so much I was wondering if you would like to add me? Please? *wimpers*


*fixated glare*

10 minutes later

*cough* ...Hi!! hee

Casually watching? You mean you didn't keel over because of laughter induced hyperventilation?? *pouts* Guess I am going to have to work on making a funnier video, although I suppose I can settle with causing a few belly aches ;p hehe

Actually, making these videos has ruined me, I saw Diru in NYC and a few times I SWEAR I saw Kyo lip-synching NumaNuma... yeah, could have been the meds though >>; It's easy to be amused by Diru, almost TOO easy ne? ;)

I started reading your list of interests and by the 4th one it became painfully obvious that you have good taste XD I also notice you are fond of the "odd", does this mean I make the grade? haha I'd be happy to add you, please add me back ^^

P.s What part of Ontario are you in?

(Deleted comment)
ZOMG ever since I heard Mr Newsman it's been blue fish everything; table cloth, wallpaper, comforter... my home is a bloody blue fish shrine I swear the midget reads Dr. Seuss' One fish, Blue fish lol Kyo's engrish has ruined me bahaha It seems only right that I add you XD

That frickin icon is a phsycopeople magnet, I've scored at least 3 friends over it hehe I'm totally going to start the Kyo & Shinya's vibrator army. Me and the troops will rule the world and bring Shinya vibrators to all lol *dork*

Seriously, you are a fan of Diru and you don't die a little every night from laughing fits? How DO you do it ;)

<3 your icons and captions!
(And oh, 'tis 'aikou' from youtube).

Add? X)

Oooh I've seen you around!! I'd be honored to have another youtube whorefunky person in my LJ clan ^_^

Definite add!!! :)

And oh God, I've exhausted so much sanity because of Diru so don't expect to gain a stable minded friend ne!! haha XD

Can I friend you?
I think after being subjected to your random commentry, it is vital to my internet existence that I further explore your insanity.

That was one of THE BEST confessionssentences I have ever had the pleasure of reading next to "In my head blue fish has just died" XD Oh how it made me giggle hehe

Already you have acknowledged the power of my insanity... this is good... it rids me of the pain of having to make the same tired explanation about the danger I pose - in general - to your mental health lol

I really don't know who will be gaining the more eccentric friend here... but let's add away and I am sure we will have fun finding out for ourselves ne? ;D

*adds* ^_^

..You fondle your piano? Your piano is lucky, it is!
My piano : .....*collecting dust* =.=

Actually, what I really wanted to say is, "Can I add you?" XD

Of course, the ivory was born for loving. But you should see what I do to my guitar ;)

Aww your poor neglected piano :/
*blows dust off your piano*
*repeatedly molests middle C key*
THERE, now she is ready and raring to go, so play her well!! XDDD

Cosmic. I was seriously going to ask if I could friend you hehe You seen awesome so of course you can add me!! ^^ Anyway I seriously want to find out if my naughty Diru screencaps can get you totally banned from the computer by your not so Jrock enthusiastic mother ;)

Um... hi! XD I'm the not-so-smart girl with blonde and pink hair that rambles a lot from AN. XD;; Um... is it okay if I add you? ._.

It's you! *glomp* ^_^ And not-so-smart? Nonsense, don't cut yourself short!!! :p Anyone who loves Jrock is smart we just have a warped sense of humor XD

It was so awesome to meet you at the con! Oh god, you know I stayed for the dance and it ran past 2am *dork* haha Did you go back on Sunday and did you manage to kidnap a pretty bishie?? 8D

Anyway I hope us Toronto Jrock lovers can actually meet up from time to time like we discussed, we all need our Jrock fix ne?! hehe

*adds back*


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